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Drivable Vehicles Document

Update History

  • Jul 15, 2021 Inital release on Marketplace for 4.23 - 4.27


This document explains how to use all Drivable  Vehicle for Unreal Engine 4.23 and later. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Input Setup;
Input Setup
Game Mode Setup;

Select Game mode folder

Siren Light Setup;
You can duplicate siren lights as many times as you want, after that you must add the lights to Event Graph and connect pins to the “Set Visibility” like that;


Then you need to group the siren lamps you added and connect them to the appropriate Set Intensity pin;

Vehicle Interaction;
This is the option to get on/off the vehicle on all vehicles.

Vehicle Interaction

This is the option to get on/off the vehicle in the Character Blueprint

World settings;

World settings

If you want to run these codes in your own Player Controller Blueprint;

You should transfer the following codes in "BP_VehiclePC" to your own Player Controls.

Then it will be enough to update the Cast To BP_VehiclePC Nodes in the vehicles and the character.

Changing the Player Controller;
Player Controller
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