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Sci-Fi Turret Package

Update History

  • Nov 3, 2021 Inital release on Marketplace for UE4.26 - 4.27


This document explains how to use Sci-Fi Turret Pack Blueprint for Unreal Engine 4.26 and later. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Video:           Soon


Target Settings;
The target actor in our example project is set to BP_TargetActor. You can identify your target Actor from the "Find Target Actor on Start the Game" section of our turret blueprint.
Some Other Parameter;
You can set the parameters listed below directly from the UE4 editor screen;

Fire Delay: Delay in turret fire rate (The lower the value, the faster it fires)

Rotation Speed: Turret's rotation speed

Fire Range: Visibility limit of the turret

Projectile: Turret bullet

Max Ammo: Maximum number of bullets

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