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SciFi Research Center Mega Bundle

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Update History

  • May 15, 2024, Initial release on Marketplace for UE4.26 - 5.0+

This document explains how to use Modular Sci-Fi Research Center for Unreal Engine 4.26+ and later. If you have any questions, please contact us.





Meshes Overview;

-You can connect maps with the metro station. Remember that the metro station is specially built for the research facility.
-We can call it the reactor room or the excavation room, it is a modular structure that can specify more than one situation of the research facility.
-In addition to the Refinery, the generator room or power room furnished with pipes that house the elevator system, we can call it the heart of the facility.
-Secret base environment is covered with water at the bottom of the ground, where experiments are carried out, biomass is grown and examined, and it also includes the morgue where the biomasses grown and died here are buried.
-Finally, the Underground facility provides the connection to the glazed section of the facility and the connection with the reactor room, 
where it is possible to obtain a larger environment (connection with the reactor room is recommended).

-Packages / Maps / folder Names;


1-) There are files on the map that allow you to navigate with a thirdperson , we recommend that you delete them after testing them.
2-) There is a combined version of all maps in the folder called Research Center Bundle. To understand this better, we recommend that you open and examine the map called Research Center Bundle / Map / BundlePackgeOverview.
3-)SciFiMetro Package and the models, materials, blueprints and effects of this package include.
4-)SciFiReactor Room Package and its models, materials, blueprints and effects are included.
5-)SciFiRefinery Room Package and its models include materials, blueprints and effects.
6-)SecretBase Package and the models belonging to this package include materials, blueprints and effects.
7-)UndergroundFacility Package and the models, materials, blueprints and effects of this package are included.

You can also open the packages between folders 3 and 7 and add the level you want to the level you want.
But we combined all levels in the 2nd folder (recommended)

-BundlePackageOverview MAP;


To review the documentation on the map, simply open the bundle package overview map, So you can see how to connect between maps and get a quick overview of the maps.



To integrate all levels into your own project, simply migrate the bundle map to your own project.

In addition, if you want to integrate one or more of the 5 packages, simply enter the folder of which package you will migrate and migrate the map of that package.

-Assets Details;



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