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Portal Pack / Teleport BP / XFV





You can change parameters such as Portal Mesh, Angle, Particle Effect, Scale directly in the editor.

In order for the system to work correctly, you must definitely select the Exit Portal.


Make sure the Niagara plugin is active for the particle system. To use the Niagara Plugin, you must use engine version 4.26 or later.

Unreal Engine's Flying Game Template is used for the default settings of our blueprint. For this reason, pawn is controlled instead of character.

If you are going to use a different game mode, you will need to edit the blueprint accordingly. For example, if you have a TPS game mode, you should use "Cast to Character" and "Get Player Character" nodes instead of "Cast to Pawn" and "Get Player Pawn" nodes. Your coder will not have any difficulties in this regard.

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