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This document describes how to use AI Sources packages for Unreal Engine 4 and later. If you have any questions please contact us.



What are AI SOURCES files?


  • AI SOURCES is short for AI Adobe Illustrator. You can download this program from Adobe's site and make any changes to the source files with a 30-day trial version.

  • With these source files, you can output 64x64 or 32k and above without losing quality, since these designs are vectorial, the quality never deteriorates.

  • With these source files, you can create as many original designs as you want.

This does not represent a visual package, it is just a vector drawing placed as an example. There are 3 different drawings in the image, another drawing was obtained by mixing these drawings.
Above are the screen material drawings as an example.
As you can see, one more drawing has been created from 2 different vector drawings by supplying the source file, besides, you can apply not only modification, but also scaling, resizing, editing, color change, format change, carburizing and thousands of operations, you are free to use them in your projects.
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